Super Boost Video Advertising & Marketing

Engage your visitors, increase conversion rates and sales with powerful advertisement & marketing videos.
Explain your business, tell your story!

Videos by advertising & marketing specialists, engaging high impact marketing videos for your Website, Social Media Platforms and Lead Generation Campaigns.

Improve your SEO with a knockout video including animated or whiteboard.

It will help you towards SEO stardom. The link building potential is phenomenal and it’ll do wonders for your brand awareness. In fact, sites with video have 41% higher click through rates (CTR) than those without.

Search engines love video content, in particular what Evay produces “ours” and we can tell you why:
Q. What’s a whiteboard video got to do with search engine optimisation (SEO) you might be thinking?
A. Quite a lot actually.

Search engines love video content and their algorithms are now designed to favour this type of content. As such, websites with videos are likely to rank higher in search results.

1/3 of online activity is spent viewing videos and there are no signs of it slowing down. So it’s simple. Have a Super Boost video ad on your website, social media platform(s) or campaigns and you will increase your chance of finding a much larger audience at the same time displaying extreme professionalism and portray quality.

Link-building potential

Video content helps keep people on your site longer and it can dramatically boost your link building efforts.

We, being Evay, are all about producing quality videos. With a great looking video, you’ll naturally attract more visitors who’ll want to share your content with others. And so begins your speedy acceleration up the search engine results page (SERP). Woo Hoo!

As a matter of fact it is now proven, that around 80% of people watch video content rather than read.


Video Collection:

Animated Infographic/Whiteboard Video: Cartoon or Hand-drawn videos are simple yet powerful illustrations and animations accompanied with text, music or voiceovers which are mixed together in order to quickly and efficiently present your product, service, big idea or business. An example: click here

Interactive Training Video: Interactive online training videos have the power to improve knowledge retention and learner engagement as it is, you can also make them even more powerful by adding hot spots and hyperlinks. Example: click here (Andrews how to transfer call phone video here)

Spokesperson Video: A spokesperson video with a website actor is a type of internet video with talking actors. Such videos are used to greet online visitors, to communicate messages, and to create a more human-like interaction experience than standard online text, graphics, or video content can provide. Example: click here (Tracey to do video to explain Super Boost Video Advertising)

Live Action/Real People Videos: (3 common types)
1. Explainer Video – These videos showcase the benefits of your product or service and the pain points it solves. Use explainer videos to target different buyer personas and prospects at different parts of the sales funnel. Depending on how close your prospects are to making a decision, you can create unique video content to provide the right information for each stage of the sales funnel. Example: click here

2. Testimonial Video – Letting a satisfied customer talk about your products and/or services can be a great way to get a prospect’s attention as customers often trust what their peers have to say about a product or service. Example: click here

3. Screencast Video – Particularly useful if you have a software product, a screencast video can give prospects and customers an in-depth view of how to use or navigate your platform’s interface. This can help in the buying process, but we suggest reserving this style of video as a customer service tool. Create feature rich “how-to” videos or visual answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions. Example: click here

Customised Onsite Video: We come to you! We come to your premises and shoot the video onsite. You may star in your own video or we can do it for you. Our studio can be anywhere you need it to be, and our experienced producers will ensure that you look and sound your best when the cameras are rolling.

We keep our teams streamlined and staffed with on-site Videographers who understand how to get great footage without disrupting the normal operations of a location.  And of course, we make sure to obtain all necessary permits and insurance.

Travel is no trouble for us – we love it, and we’ve gotten “air travel with video equipment” down to an art. Our team has filmed in locations all over Australia, Worldwide locations and always looks forward to new adventures. Example: click here

360° Video/Photo: 360-degree videos, also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction like a panorama. We can also create this with photos. Example: click here 

Drone Video: Powerful drone video that turns the sky into the creative canvas easily.

Our sophisticated aerial drones can create the most amazing content to market and capture your business in a different but very effective way. We have follow-me abilities so you can potentially be quite active to capture and design very dynamic content.
Trace – Follow behind or in front of your subject, or circle it as it moves
Profile – Fly alongside your subject
Spotlight – Keep the camera trained on your subject while you fly almost anywhere.
Example: click here


Video Collection Membership Pricing: $997 pa & $197 pm

4 videos per year (every 3 months), this can be an assortment from the video collection:

  • Animated Infographic/Whiteboard Video
  • Interactive Training Video
  • Spokesperson Video
  • Live Action/Real People Video
  • Customised at your Premises Video:
  • 360° Video
  • Drone Video

These videos can be used on all of your online platforms, such as websites, social media platforms, ad campaigns, social media covers and much more…

3 x Super Boost Media Web Pages:
These pages are highly Search Engine Optimised (SEO’d) and are updated frequently to keep up with the ever changing Social Media alterations. They will contain all links over to your existing Social Media Platforms. They will link to your website. They will display all videos produced for your product(s), service(s) and/or business. They will advertise your telephone number(s), address(es), email(s) and Maps. They will contain your logo. Who said you can’t have more than 1 website, in fact why haven’t you? Don’t you want more business?

1 x YouTube Reviewed Status: This review on YouTube, is one of the highly sought after, product, service or business recognition review. Not only is it posted on YouTube directly, you will receive a YouTube Reviewed logo icon award to place on your website, social media platforms, campaigns, email signatures, plus more… This is a great way to promote your accreditation.

3 x Directory Listings:

  • Evay Directory Listing
  • We Are Here Directory Listing
  • Town Info Directory Listing

You will also receive the directory listing image logos to link to your directory listing pages (3).



Video Collection Per Video Pricing:

Animated Infographic/Whiteboard Video: $397 (Standard)

Interactive Training Video: $597 (Standard)

Spokesperson Video: $997 (Standard)

Live Action/Real People Video: $997 (Standard)

Customised Onsite Video: $2597 (Standard half day – 2 film crew) + travel

360° Video: $

Drone Video: $