How to get more sales & exposure for your business usingĀ videos


Smart Online Marketing and Effective Business Advertising – Evay

Super Boost your business and products

  • We make YouTube videos for business
  • We create high converting web content
  • We super optimise to be aggressive in SEO
  • We use the latest online advertising trends
  • We use key advertising structure techniques
  • We are webinar experts, NEW speed webinars
  • We add you to specialised directories and channels
  • We are social media specialists and get real results
  • We have DYI schooling – you become online savvy
  • We insist everybody gets unbelievable value

Evay create, design, build and produce video advertising for your business. We get you more customers. Videos that will explain what you do and have.

What are we all about?

Our team develops unique and exciting ways of advertising which comes with a distinctive difference, and Super Boosts your business online. Getting our clients noticed is important to us, as this means we create a long term relationship.

We highly optimise web content cleverly, so the online content which we create is at the top of its game in the SEO world. This means you as a client have a much better chance of being found portraying the image you desire.

We so often hear how so many people have paid out big money for little or no return. We have designed a cost effective method that works.

At Evay we pride ourselves with our development for smarter web presence so you can market your web business the right way for results.

Customised packages

We understand that many clients want a lot more, therefore we can design and develop you customised packages for any requirement, using online video advertising, online marketing, business advertising, super boost, social media, SEO, youtube videos, optimisation the evay and evay limited way.

Customised packages can include:

  • Training tutorials
  • Specific movies made for YouTube
  • Specific movies made for media platforms
  • YouTube reviewed program
  • Advertising programs
  • Video biography
  • Product production
  • Voice over training tutorials
  • Webinars
  • TV style advertising
  • TV style interviews
  • Q&A videos and chat
  • Animation programs
  • Ebooks with video

Not quite sure what you need?

Well thats quite ok; either did I when I first started, so I can relate to how you are feeling.

The good news is, I can certainly help you!

My name is Tracey Harrison and I am one of the founders of Evay and am still very hands on today.

I love what I do, and love making relationships in business.

I’m ready to help you to be more prominent online, and get the best results with your web advertising!

Please spread the word :)